Freight Auditing:

If you're using any of the small parcel carriers and not tracking your packages with a professional auditing company for service failures, dimensional weight issues, incorrect discount rates then you are leaving money on the table that belongs to you.

Tracking large numbers of packages and submitting claims is a very time consuming cumbersome task and typically not worth the time involved. By outsourcing these tasks to auditing experts, you save all that time, plus you will get more in refunds since we know how to maximize and secure the most amount of refunds in these areas.

By partnering with our auditing department, we will manually check each shipment and we will secure your refunds for ALL service failures on International, domestic and ground shipments. Best of all, we only charge a percent of the actual savings that we secure for you. If we do not reduce your freight costs we don't charge a fee. 

How it works:
1. On a weekly basis our expert auditing team will audit your shipping invoices for all your express, ground and international packages checking for service failures.

2. As we identify any service failures, we will submit the service refunds to the carrier for you. Once we secure the credits, you will receive a weekly email with all the refunds that were secured for each shipping invoice. Your savings will either show on your current online invoice or on the next shipping invoice depending on the carrier.

3. Our fees are a percentage of the Service Refunds that are secured for you. If we do not reduce your freight costs we don't charge a fee. 

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